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When the Hannay's moved into Greenbank, the nearest Presbyterian church was in West Kirby, Mrs Hannay thought that this was to far for young families to travel, so in 1883 she started a Sunday School in Greenbank.


When a new church was built in West Kirby in 1889, the old iron church was split in two, half going to Meols and the other half to Greasby. This became the regular place of worship for Presbyterians in Upton.


By 1898 Greasby church was filled to overflowing. Mr Thomas Scott Hannay and Mr D Richards, of the Salacres, bought a site in Ford Road and gifted the money for the building of a new church in Upton. The church was designed by Mr P S Hind and built by Quine's

United Reformed Church

On 2nd May 1899 Rev J C Smith was inducted as Minister and on 2nd July the first Lord's Supper was held in the church. Mrs Kirkland, wife of the Minister of the mother church in West Kirby, gave a gift of a communion set. The church was officially opened on 11th May 1900.

United Reformed Church

The communion roll for 1899 had 40 names.


Mr Hannay and Mr Richardson bought a piece of land behind the church in 1902, this was to build a Manse in the future, in the meantime, it was laid out for bowls and tennis.


The church was licensed for marriages in 1903 and in the same year the Sunday School, still run by Mrs Hannay, celebrated its 20th Anniversary.


In 1915, one of the smaller rooms in the hall was rented to Miss McAuslane, for use as a school for young children. The rent, heating and lighting was paid by herself. This school would later become Kingsley Preparatory School.


During the first world war, the tennis club stopped using the land behind the church, and it was rented to Mr McCraig, who used it to grow vegetables, on condition that he re-instated the tennis court when he left.


The Manse was finally built in 1921, it was designed by W Webb Shannon and built by E Devaney. The Minister moved from his accomodation in Church Road to the new Manse on 5th January 1922.


In 1921, after 38 years, Mrs Hannay resigned as superintendant of the Sunday School.


After the second world war, a memorial was placed on the wall of the church, 4 names where on it:

  • Bell, died in the first world war and was the son of the minister, the Rev Benjamin Bell
  • Connelly, member of the merchant navy and son of the church treasurer
  • Milne, member of the Fleet Air Arm
  • Raybould, Squadron Leader in the RAF, awarded the DSO

The 1st Upton Company of the Boys Brigade was founded in 1956, and two years later the 1st Upton Girls Brigade was formed.


In 1957 Miss Wyne, principal of Kingsley Preparatory School, gave notice that she would be leaving the hall at the end of September as the school was moving into its own building.


On the 5th of October 1972, Upton Presbyterian Church became a congregation of the United Reformed Church.