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Brookside was a large house on Ford Road between Manor Drive and the Fender Brook. The house was built by Isaac Fletcher, it was a three storey stone house with a lodge.


The lodge stood on the corner of Manor Drive and Ford Road, and it survived until Ford Road was re-aligned when the M53 motorway was built.


Isaac Fletcher owned most of the land fronting onto Ford Road and back as far as Mount Road.


The Salacres


Next to the Victory Hall's grounds in Salacre Lane was a large house called 'The Salacres' which was built by Thomas Chilton about 1863.


An advertisement appeared in the Liverpool Mercury on 29th June 1863:


The Salacres


In 1884 the house was owned by James Ratchford de Wolf, a shipowner. Mr de Wolf died on 16th August 1888, his widow Ellen Fisher de Wolf continued to live in the house until September 1896 when it was sold to David Richards, a shipowner from Liverpool.


David Richards died on 4th November 1906. The house passed to his daughter Mary Richards, who sold it to David Duncan, Gentleman from Liscard, in September 1911.


David Duncan sold the house to Elizabeth Strathearn Oakshott, Widow from Bidston in July 1921. In August 1927, Mrs Oakshott sold the house to James Slingsby, builder and contractor of 'Oaklands' Ford Road, Upton.


Mr Slingsby converted the house into eight flats, and divided the land which came with the house into building plots. This includes the land now occupied by Grafton Drive and the south side of Wroxham Drive.

The Salacres

The Salacres was demolished in 1965, and a housing estate built on its site. The boundary wall and gateposts still exist along Salacre Lane.

The Salacres

The Priory


The Priory was a large house built before 1850 as The Parsonage, it was occupied by the Vicars of St Mary's Church until 1911.

The Priory

When Canon Bellamy came to Upton in 1911 he thought the house a big, rambling building and with seven bedrooms it was not suitable as a vicarage. He moved into Holmleigh in Church Road and The Priory was sold as a private residence.

The Priory

The Priory was demolished in the late 1950s and flats were built on the site. The gate posts of the old house on Ford Road are all that remain.

Overchurch Hill


Overchurch Hill was built in 1859 by Thomas Webster, younger brother of William Webster (of Upton Hall). It was located next to the old churchyard at Overchurch. The house had a lodge which was on Moreton Road, just where the bridge over the M53 is today, a coach house and stables.

Overchurch Lodge

The house passed to George Webster in 1876. The Webster's remained in Overchurch Hill until 1915


Frank Oscar Paul bought the house in about 1919, he owned the Homepride flour mills on the East Float in Wallasey. Mr Paul left Overchurch in 1941, moving first to Caldy and then to Ness. The house was sold in December 1947 and became a children's home.




Holmleigh is a smaller but substantial house built by William Inman in 1869 for his Estate Bailiff. It is located next to the old church school in Church Road and was gifted to the church in 1884 by Mrs Forbes. In 1911 Holmleigh became the Vicarage.


In 1928 a new Vicarage was built in Church Road and Holmleigh was sold to Dr Bulmer, the first resident doctor in the village.


The church bought Holmleigh back in 1985, and it is now used for office accomodation and meeting rooms.