Water Pumping Station

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Between Upton Station and Fender Brook (actually just outside the township) is the base of an old chimney.

Pumping Station

This is all that remains of the Birkenhead Corporation water pumping station. It was built in 1894.


When it was in use there was a large chimney and a corrugated iron building, this housed two large steam engines with 8 or 9 foot diameter flywheels. It pumped water from an artesian well, through the Thermopylae Pass to the waterworks in Bidston Road.

Pumping Station

The well was originally 500 feet deep, but only produced 10,000 gallons of water per hour. This was increased to 16,000 gallons by drilling down another 100 feet.


In 1895 the depth of the well was increased to 700 feet, and in 1896 it was increased to 800 feet.

Pumping Station

It is said that on a quiet night the regular thump of the water being pumped through could be clearly heard when walking down the pass.